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Thematic contextual advertising ВСМ.Context

Thematic contextual advertising of announcements

Thematic contextual banner advertising

The prices for placing of contextual advertising

How to place the announcement or a banner in a network BCM.RU Context

Requirements to advertisements

Technical requirements to banners

Conditions of placing of advertising

Advertising platform BCM.RU

The Internet portal unites various services. Now is a social expert catalogue of Internet resources, a social news portal and a game portal.

The social expert catalogue of Internet resources BCM.RU is intended for mass Audiences. In this catalogue socially-significant Internet resources take places first of all, including Sites of the state and noncommercial sector. The catalogue is optimised for the purpose of convenience of search of the necessary Resources visitors of a site.

Base criteria of functioning and selection of sites are maintenance of "pure" search (without "dust"), And also maintenance of search of sites of the organisations and persons in any region with elimination from sites of other regions. The regional binding is carried out to within any settlement of the country.

All references pass in the catalogue rigid moderation and a rating estimation a commission of experts.

The catalogue constantly replenishes and today contains more than 200000 checked up references in more than 15000 regional Positions and 5000 thematic subsections.

The social news portal NEWS.BCM.RU offers visitors socially-significant news, opinions and comments of Experts and professionals in the area.

The game portal is focused on an entertaining content which carries intellectual, developing And informative character.

Weekly the portal visits more than 70 thousand persons.

Thematic contextual advertising BCM.RU Context

Thematic contextual advertising is shown on a portal BCM.RU, and also on pages of the sites entering in Advertising network BCM.RU Context if the advertising subjects correspond to interests of the user. Contextual advertising takes places in addition to the basic maintenance of page of a site and contains it is some Text advertisements or banners of our advertisers.

Weekly advertising network BCM.RU processes the Context of hundred thousand thematic inquiries of pages from "target" Visitors.

In an advertising network BCM.RU the Context two kinds of advertising - text announcements and graphic banners are accessible. It is supposed to use simultaneously both kinds of advertising.

Announcement or banner placing probably on all pages of an advertising network, on the main page of a portal and-or In concrete thematic section.

The current prices for placing of contextual advertising can vary in Dependences on demand and presence of the free spaces. Changes of the prices really only for the new advertising orders. Already ordered and paid advertising is carried out under the prices at the moment of the order.

The prices are specified in roubles taking into account the VAT (NDS).

Advantages of thematic contextual advertising of announcements BCM.RU Context

The audience BCM.RU is unique, has obviously expressed "target" character.

It is caused by properties of the Internet portal:

  • BCM.RU does not contain "a confused" and "aimless" content;
  • All information passes an expert estimation and is systematised;
  • Contextual advertising is shown not to all users, but only by what have shown the interest to To certain subjects.

Thematic contextual advertising of announcements BCM.RU Context

Advertisements in a network BCM.RU Context take places with payment for cliques under the announcement.

In the advertising block two zones are provided: the first places for special placing and other places for the standard placings of announcements. In each zone of the announcement are shown on casual places.

The floor price a clique makes only 0,5 rbl., and the minimum volume of the order — 250 cliques.

Cost of placing of contextual announcements

Requirements to contextual announcements

Thematic contextual banner advertising BCM.RU the Context

About efficiency of contextual banner advertising on BCM.RU speaks high CTR banners: 0.8 % — 468×60, 0.5 % — 200×200

Advertising banners in a network BCM.RU the Context can take places, both with payment for cliques, and with payment for displays.

BCM.RU uses 4 kinds of a format of banners: 468х60 (468х100), 200х200, 200х100.

Probably two kinds of placing of banners: static and dynamic variants.

The banner takes places at presence of the free banner place, satisfying to wishes of the advertiser.

Cost of placing of banner advertising

Requirements to banners

How to place the announcement or a banner in a network BCM.RU the Context

РPlace the announcement any user registered on a portal can.

Service regulations


Before placing of the announcement the user should be convinced that it has means for the obverse the account or to fill up the personal account.

For placing of the announcement it is necessary for user to send the demand, correctly having filled the form in section "advertising Placing".

After filling of demanded fields of the form the system will calculate a total sum of the order and will check up presence of sufficient means On the personal account of the user. After order sending, it will be checked up by a moderator on a correctness, Conformity to subjects and requirements to advertising materials.

The order sum is reserved before approval of the announcement by a moderator and written off from the personal account of the user Systems. After successful approval the announcement takes places in the advertising block and to the user is sent on his e-mail the reference and access passwords to statistics of the advertising company.

In case of disapproval the moderator will co-ordinate changes of the announcement with the advertiser by e-mail.

Requirements to advertisements

The announcement should consist from:

  • Heading (to 33 symbols, including blanks and punctuation marks);
  • Actually the text (to 75 symbols, including blanks and punctuation marks);
  • References to a site (URL the page of a site containing the advertising offer) and-or the contact data.

The heading and the announcement text should be written competent Russian without typing errors. A theme of the announcement and Used in announcement URL should correspond to a theme in case of advertising display only in the concrete Thematic section of the catalogue. Use of the IP-address instead of the domain name is not supposed.

Contact data should be specified correctly and without typing errors. The phone number should contain necessarily City code.

In heading, the text, and also in URL announcements if it is applicable, it is not supposed:

  • Discharge use (Writing of words with blanks between letters) and use of the words typed with capital letters. The exception is made by the abbreviations consisting of initial letters of reduced words ("The USSR", "GOST", etc.);
  • Instructions of phone numbers, e-mail of addresses, post addresses, numbers icq or other systems of online paging;
  • Html-code use.

Advertising which can mislead consumers concerning the consumer is not supposed Properties, qualities and quantities of the goods to contain false data or incorrect comparisons with the goods Other manufacturers/sellers (it is obviously forbidden in the law "About advertising").

Turn attention:
Administration of portal BCM.RU reserves the right to itself to reject any advertising Material at post-moderation without assigning any reasons.

Technical requirements to banners

The general requirements

  1. The volume of each file (gif, swf) should not exceed 25 Kb.
  2. The geometrical sizes Gif and Flash files for banners of the static size should Precisely to correspond to the sizes of the space on which placing will be made.
  3. For flash-banner placing it is necessary to give: a swf-file corresponding to the technical To requirements, and also a Gif-file - the duplicate for display to users, at which not It is established Flash-plugin.
  4. In all swf-files transition should be carried out by a call on (release) {getURL(;}
    The flash-banner version - 5 - 8.
    All banner production should be sent not later than three working days prior to placing.

Gif-banners of the fixed size

Necessary set of materials for placing:

  • Gif-file (the section "General requirements" see);
  • The working reference to a site.

Flash-banners of the fixed size

Necessary set of materials for placing:

  • Swf-file (5, 6 version and volume not exceeding norm (the section "General requirements" see);
  • Gif-file – the duplicate (volume not exceeding norm (the section "the General requirements" see);
  • The working reference to a site.

- Exceptions are possible and make a reservation separately;
- Advertising materials can be rejected by results of testing even at performance All technical requirements set forth above.

Conditions of placing of advertising

- reserves the right to itself to refuse placing of advertising to the organisations which are carrying out Similar activity;

- does not place advertising materials which contradict requirements of the operating Legislations of the Russian Federation or are capable to harm company activity;

- All conditions set forth above about advertising placing on a site are not The public offer.

To contact us it is possible by phone +7(495) 982-50-28